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How I Became A Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

How I Became A Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

I am finally a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist! In a nutshell, this means I completed graduate school, attained 3000 clinical hours in a variety of categories, and passed two licensing exams. The Board of Behavioral Sciences gathered all this information and deemed me competent to reach […]

You Better be Praising Your Clients!

This post will be short, concise, and straightforward. It’s been a very busy week with a lot of awesome sessions, and a common theme has stood out to me: We don’t give people nearly enough validation. I believe in the power of genuine compliments. I […]

So You Wanna Be a Therapist?

I’m really, really lucky because I’ve basically wanted to be a therapist as soon as I needed to pin down and figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up Because of that, I was fortunate enough to start my career and brave this […]

All therapists deserve to be paid

I work in Southern California and have been lucky enough to secure both part-time and full-time employment opportunities throughout my 3000-hour (500 left to go!) internship. I refuse to provide my therapeutic expertise for free and haven’t done so since the day I completed graduate […]

Standing for Change.

I am a therapist with an undergraduate degree in psychology and graduate degree in marriage and family therapy. I have obtained nearly 2500 clinical hours in schools, outpatient settings, rehabs, and hospitals working with various clients, and I genuinely love what I do. I have […]

This is what it feels like when a client commits suicide

Initially, it feels like the ultimate failure. It is the manifestation of the therapist’s worst nightmare, the brutal indication that someone could not be reached, that a life could not be saved, that a death to mental illness had to happen. Initially, there are so many […]

The Unmarried and Childless Marriage and Family Therapist

I am in my young twenties, at the beginning of my professional career as a marriage and family therapist intern, and I am neither a spouse or a parent. I have completed hundreds of therapy sessions with children of all ages, married adults, and couples. […]