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In Defense of the Adolescent

Adolescence is the paradoxical transition from dependent, playful, and spontaneous childhood into independent, structured, and responsible adulthood. In society it has been coined as a torturous, rebellious “phase,” a time-sucking capsule where “sweet kids” turn into demonic nightmares for several years. It is the conflict of […]

Are We Ever Ready to Say Goodbye to Our Clients?

The therapeutic relationship is unique in the sense that it may very well be the only relationship we enter with the intention of leaving. Our clients come to us with a concern of some sort, a malady that has impeded their quality of life, and […]

I Love You is Not Enough

In all my work with youth, the most consistent issue I hear among all ages and demographics remains, I wish my parents paid more attention to me. With all the research and information about the topic, we could fill libraries with books about parenting and how to raise a […]