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The Best Ways to Find Your Happy

The Best Ways to Find Your Happy

How to Be Happy? A simple Google search for how to be happy yields me 175,000,000 results in a mere 0.53 seconds. I’m convinced this is searched online every moment of every day. We are obsessed with being happy, finding inner peace, maximizing the day, embracing YOLO. We want […]

Is everyone adulting but me?

I recently read a statistic claiming that Millenials report higher levels of anxiety and  depression than any other generation at the same age reported. I am not interested in the actual research behind this statistic. Perhaps it’s true, or perhaps our generation is just more […]

Confusion, Chaos, and the Quarter-Life Crisis

It is the clichéd running joke among our Millennial generation. The quarter-life crisis- a transition characterized by the utter lack of “knowing how to adult,” the confusing time marked by a series of “in-betweens” applicable to everything from a job to a relationship to an […]