capturing the beautiful calamity of healing in therapy

Standing for Change.

I am a therapist with an undergraduate degree in psychology and graduate degree in marriage and family therapy. I have obtained nearly 2500 clinical hours in schools, outpatient settings, rehabs, and hospitals working with various clients, and I genuinely love what I do. I have wanted to be at therapist since I was 16 years old, and I have worked extremely hard to make my dreams possible.

With that being said, I am experiencing my first tremendous roadblock in this field. Today, due to toxic and unjust harassment, I had to quit my job on the spot. Without going into significant detail, I experienced a fallout with a member of management who could not respect my clinical and ethical standpoints. I was asked to do things that were, at best, shady, and, at worst, possibly illegal. Despite my attempts, the situation could not be rectified, and my moral values were at stake. 

I walked out.

By nature, I am not impulsive. I have been employed since I was 16 years old, and I have never resigned from a position on the spot. Moreover, I have never left a job without another one lined up. Today, I walked away from a secure salary, amazing team of coworkers, and clients I truly cared about.

Sometimes, we have to stand up for what is ethically best, no matter how terrifying and impossible it feels. Sometimes, that’s the only way true change is made in this world. Sometimes, we have to take the leap of faith because we know we deserve better.

I work for a field that embodies honesty, transparency, and mutual respect. I care about my profession too much for that to be sacrificed. I care about my clients too much for them to be manipulated and exploited. Sometimes, we look the other way when concerning things happen. For me, this was not possible.

I am scared, and I am hurt, and I am unsure of what is next in my professional journey, but I am doing my best to be at peace with all these feelings. I trust the process of life, and I trust that I will continue helping others in whatever capacity I can. If we do not advocate for change, we risk everything staying the same. Today, I took a risk, but I already know it was worth it.